Resources to Include | Resources to Protect Access

Resources to Include

Representation matters! There’s plenty of evidence that kids benefit from stories that reflect and validate their lived experience. In some cases, access to such stories can literally be life-saving for LGBTQ youth. Consult these tools and resources to learn about ways to include to LGBTQIA+ stories as part of a range of diverse titles that help every child feel valued and welcome.

Free Online Resources

ALA Rainbow Roundtable Toolkit : “designed to help library staff better understand gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, and other queer (LGBTQIA+) library users, how to best serve their needs, and how to manage challenges that often arise.”

American Libraries Magazine Inclusive Storytimes Article – includes resources for creating more inclusive storytimes

ALSC Storytime Suggestion Blog Post – outlines a few ways you can incorporate LGBTQIA+ themes into your storytimes.

Human Rights Campaign/Welcoming Schools – resources (including training and professional development) to create better school environments for LGBTQ+ youth

Mombianwebsite with information for LGBTQ+ families. Includes a book database that features diverse titles.

Resources for Same-Sex Parents – Libguide with examples of successful LGBTQ+ storytime programming

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Collection Development and Inclusive Storytime

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Drag Queen Storytimes

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Service Support for LGBTQIA+ Teens

Houde, L. (2018). Serving LGBTQ teens : a practical guide for librarians. Rowman & Littlefield.

Resources to Protect Access

Use these tools to help protect access to LGBTQIA+ stories in your collection.

Get Ready Stay Ready

The Get Ready, Stay Ready: Community Action Toolkit is an effort by a group of parents and librarians who believe that the power is in community, in togetherness, in a collective outcry and a collective pushback against those who want to erase our stories , our history, our existence. Here you will find curated resources including scripts for public speaking and writing, fantastic video presentations, training materials equipping you to learn more about (and fight back) censorship’s impact on education and society, tools for civic engagement, and a network of organizations across the country that are determined to preserve your child’s right to a high-quality education through intellectual freedom.”

Intellectual Freedom Resources

The South Carolina Center for Community Literacy provides resources to deal with book challenges.